Our Ride Guarantee

It's always been our goal to make the purchase of your next motorcycle as easy and fun as we can, so we developed 'Bobz Ride Guarantee'.

To put it simply, if you don't love the bike you bought from us, bring it back within 3 business days of the sale date and exchange it!

All fees paid on the 1st bike transfer to the 2nd bike, and there will be an additional admin fee of $200, because it's a lot of footwork on our end to make this happen. There will be no refunds given.
The listed price on the 2nd bike must be equal to or higher than the purchase price of the 1st bike.  The difference, if any, in the purchase price of the 2nd bike over the 1st bike will be the customer's responsibility.

Needless to say, the bike being returned must come back in the same condition it was in when it left.  We've set a mileage allowance of 500 miles on the bike you're exchanging, and any more than 500 miles since original purchase date voids the 3 day guarantee.

In addition to our low prices, our Lay-A-Way program, the great service and smiling faces you're used to, this is yet another reason to come see why we're the Biggest Lil Bike Shop in the Midwest!