All  years/makes/models will be serviced and have our 30 day warranty on them (unless sold AS-IS)

At Bobz Bikz, the majority of our bikes will receive our premium service prior to being sold.

The premium service includes checking and addressing the following

*Oil and filter change

*Tire condition and pressure

*Brake pad condition and thickness

*Charging system, battery and lighting

*Swing arm, steering, chain/sprockets, suspension, and wheels and bearings

*Coolant level, brake and clutch fluid

*Cables, levers, switches, mirrors, clutch and transmission

We do as much as we can to make the bike as right as we can before you take it home, and we back our machines with our 30 day, unlimited mileage warranty, which covers;

*All internally lubricated engine parts (crankshaft, bearings, oil pump, internal timing gears or chain/belt, camshaft and bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies, push rods, valve guides, piston and rings, wrist pins and connecting rods. Engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damage is caused by failure of an internally lubricated part.

*All internally lubricated transmission parts contained in the housing. Case housings are covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

*Seals and gaskets are covered when replaced in conjunction with a covered failure.

*Alternator/generator, stator, regulator, rectifier, started motor, electronic fuel injection sensors and injectors, electronic ignition module, battery (unless battery hasn't been properly maintained). Does not include accessory electronics. Aftermarket electronics are not covered

*Master cylinder, disc brake calipers, and basic ABS components.

*Rear shock, fork seals and bushings.

*Engine cooling fan and motor, water pump and thermostat.

We also have extended warranties available with ASC for either 18, or 40 month terms that are very reasonably priced.


*AS-IS bikes WILL NOT be serviced, and WILL NOT be warrantied.