Giving Back Program

For several years, we've been proud to give back to our veterans' organizations whenever we've had the opportunity.

Starting January of 2018, we're giving back like never before and you, our customers, will be an integral part of making this happen.

We're proud to announce our Giving Back Program!

No fancy slogans and no fanfare, just an opportunity for our customers to help us give back to folks that have served in any of the Armed Forces.

This is the part where you get to help!

We are going to pick 1 bike every month as our Giving Back Bike. If that bike sells in the same month chosen, a donation of $500 will be made in honor of the customer to the charity of his/her choice. A second donation of $500 will be made by us to the charity of our choice.

So, simply put, if the Giving Back Bike sells in the same month it's chosen, there will be a donation of $1000 given to charities to help our veterans and people in need.

The key to making this program work is to get as many folks involved as possible, so please, spread the word far and wide to let everyone know that we're working hard to help those that have served or are in need.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we'll have live updates both when we choose the Giving Back Bike each month, and with our customer as they choose their charity.